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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Products Warranty : the minimum guarantee for our products is 12 months.This does not apply when presenting the product wear from normal use, accidental damage , or improper installation. To claim a guarantee must complete Schedule format information Let us help access this purchase. You must send him to be evaluated and if Approved, Product will be sent back (the cost of shipping and insurance is Customer Responsibility)

To get my product warranty what shoud I save?

you should just keep your purchase invoice and warranty, as it is different for each product.

Do they make offers on your products?

Offers. To get them , you must be registered with us on our website and follow us on our social networks  

Twitter: @wakenergy



You tube: Wakenergy

Are compatible our products that are certified wake MFI with Apple?

Our products WAKE maintaining MFI logo are compatible with Apple and underwent thorough testing for certification

How I can ask questions or get in touch with you ?

They can get information on the contact link , where you will find our address, phone number and e- mail , additional can fill out the form if desired.















Maintain return policies ?

We maintain a period of 30 days to return the product , presenting the purchase invoice , provided that the product was purchased directly from us . If I buy the product of our brand with one of our trading partners should contact them directly to them.

What is the time it takes to ship my order?

We process and ship your order within 1 to 3 business days during working hours.

How long does my order arrive?

Logging into your account , you can obtain the status of the order. If you have any additional questions you can contact the númeroxxxxxxxx or via email

Sell cellular equipment ?

No, we only sell accessories for mobile devices

Hold fast shipping?

Yes, we offer envíos rápidos by UPS . Contact us and we will give greater información.Teléfono : xxxx .

Are all your products new ?

Yes, all our products are new.

I have trouble accessing my account , what can I do?

If you hold any trouble with your user name and password, please CONTACT section locate our mail service or fill out the form detailing the inconvenience and within 24 hours you will be contacted.

Why do we ask for your personal information?

We ask your basic personal information when you register to send personalized newsletters and offers of our products .In equally accessible to see our products without prior registration exist

Protecting your information is a priority for us!´

Your information is protected with us, it will not be transferred or exchanged for any reason without your consent, except when sending the product is made or when necessary to comply with the law . After a transaction, your financial information will not be stored on our servers.